The strange Building

By: Barleen Kaur

I walked and walked, too afraid to make a sound

I followed my friends here

To a mysterious building that they have found

I never wanted to come here but I didn’t want my friends to think I’m weird

But darkness is the only thing I have always feared

They insist and insist to stay here and explore

But all I was focused on was the door

I yearned to head out the exit, where warm sun was luring me

I was a caged bird, waiting to be let free

The sky was turning to gold I was sure

But I let my thoughts drown and turned to where my friends were

The stench of dead animals filled my nose

And I looked down and saw fresh sticky blood on my toes

Slowly, and unexpectedly I started hearing sounds that were echoing off from everywhere

I faced my friends and saw that they were just giggling and didn’t care

This building has been here for many years

I noticed tattered furniture and massive spiderwebs here

This place is like a trap concealing me in and not letting me out

Suddenly from behind me I heard a shout

One more time I glanced around only able to take in the ugly walls colored gray

Finally, with speed like light, I ran away

“I am happy with my decision,” to myself I said

Because the next day, I found out that all my friends were dead


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