That Day

  1.  By: Erica Shin

It was last month.

The month that I enjoyed it for the first time.

That day of the month,

Enjoying the time with friends

Not caring what anybody else was thinking.

Enjoying every second of my time,

Feeling the wind blow against my flushed face,

From the hot, scorching sun.

Tasting the sweet burst of cotton candy,

And the refreshing bubbles rising from the soda.

Looking high up in the sky,

Catching the sight of an overtowering ride

Towering over crowds of people,

Who are waiting for their turn.

While we’re resting in the cool shade,

Drinking our drinks,

Like a camel savoring every single drop.

Checking in with our chaperones,

Making sure we won’t be chased down like a cat hunting a mouse,

By a teacher and getting in trouble,

Only to hear the bellowing voice of that teacher,

Lecturing you to follow directions.

That day of the month I enjoyed it

That month was last month,

When I first enjoyed my time at an amusement park.





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