Even though this blog is mainly about creative writing, I mentioned that gymnastics is a huge part of my life and that I may blog about it from time to time. Recently, I’ve been pretty frustrated about gymnastics, and practices have been kinda rough, so I decided to try to put that frustration into words in this poem that I wrote.

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Tears rolling down her face.

Of pain, of frustration, of exhaustion.

She is perched on the bar, like a bird perched on a tree branch, getting ready to fly for the first time

There’s chalk in the air, in her lungs, in her heart.

Just do it

Just do it

Just do it.

She takes a deep breath, the muscles in her back aching as they stretch.

Sweaty after a long practice, nervous

Cast, toes, up, fast, flip

She casts, hips up

bringing her toes to the bar


then lets go

she’s going up, up, up

pulls her knees to her chest, aggressively, ready to flip

And for a moment-

she’s there, she did it!

then she realizes

freaks out, stomach plummeting.

her heart wants to keep going

her brain forcing her body to stop

she’s feels like she’s not in control

I can’t-

For a moment she thought she had it then-


Eyes stinging, headache creeping in.

a face full of pit, full of disappointment.

Maybe next time

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