How rich people are lazy

How Rich people are lazy:

Money in America is very abundant.

Some people have more money than others. It is very easy to become greedy here in the USA.

When people get to rich they can become lazy and bored. They complain they don’t have anything and they don’t have any stuff. While, other people out there in the world need homes, clothes, and food.

People in Rome are also rich. Some of them are greedy but not all of them are. Most of them are poor and don’t have a home or any were to live. The kings are extremely greedy and they are so rich they don’t know what to do. They get very bored and they get very mean and controlling.

Most of the time the kings were either sitting doing nothing or being mean to others. They were so lazy that their population started to go down and things started to not be the same as they were. The kings were being selfish to people around them.

They need to start to think about their people more then there self.

So in conclusion the rich coulter is not only in the present but it also was in the past. Rich people should help out more sense they have more ability to do anything.

Emily, Rebecca, and Devany


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