March 23

A Letter to Spring Break

Dear Spring Break,

I’m so excited that you are arriving today. I’ve been waiting and waiting for you! Now that you’re here, I don’t even know what to do first. Here are some must do’s on my list: I want to go and see at least two movies! I want to read a couple of really good books! Spending time with my friends each day will be a goal too! Hopefully, the weather will be warm so I can get outside for long walks with Bella too. It all won’t be fun and games, though. I understand.

Grading must be completed along with a couple of other projects for school. I have to clean out my garage along with other house projects. These may not be fun, but I will feel good when it’s all finished.

Spring Break, I will make sure to spend time each day being productive, as well as having fun. Remind me that it’s ok to just be during this time. Remind me that each moment I spend is precious. Thank you for the rescue! It’s been a busy school year and a break will do me good.

Love you,

Ms. Haseltine

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