Over the past week I have been thinking about a lot of things of of them being COVID-19 or the Coronavirus. Another thing that has come to mind as we have been away from school, is that so many people are always talking about how much they hate school but not as they are home from school they wish that they were still at school.

This something that confuses me because people are always saying they hate school, that they wish they did not have to go to school but now all the buzz is the Coronavirus and how they miss school. COVID-19 is a virus. this means it can spread through the air or by just touching someone. I have come to realize that  Coronavirus is half of what people say it is. For example everyone is talking about how deadly it is, But in reality it’s nothing but a mild Flu for those under the age of 60. For the people over the age of 60 it can be more concerning. In these cases it can become deadly, this also applies to  people with low immunity systems.

So you may be wondering If it only really affects people over the age of 60 then when  are we not in school? That is a good question, and the answer is that we don’t want to spread the virus to others.  Another Question I have heard a lot of people ask is, Is there a cure to this virus? The answer is No. This may alert you but scientist are working very hard to find one. This is another reason why We have no school and are encouraged to stay home.

This is all the information I could find but before I sign off I want you to remember 3 things.





Stay safe of there!

Signing off



Reflection of the SBC 2019 Experience

Hello Friends, This is the week eight and final Student Blogging Challenge post. I have really enjoyed blogging so far and I don’t intend to stop. Even though this particular challenge  is coming to an end, I will still be blogging about my adventures and posting recipes. 


Now to get on with the questions.


#1: Out of eight blogging challenge posts how many did you post?


I managed to post five out of the eight blogging challenge post. Now if we were just talking about my blog in general I posted nine posts including this one.. I only ended up posting five posts that applied to the Challenge because every year in the month of November we take a trip to europe. So I missed a few days of school. If you have any suggestions of where we should go next leave a comment.


#2: How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers, visitors.


I have received twenty comments from classmates, teachers, and other visitors. I very much enjoy reading all of your comments and want to continue to receive positive messages and feedback.

One comment that stood out to me was this one Hello! I was wondering, did you go to Potomac too? If you did, then that is so cool! I went to Potomac when I was in elementary school too! I love taking photos too! In fact, my stepmom is forming her own business in Photography! From time to time, I help out and she usually asks my siblings and I to take photos. I see you love to travel, that’s great, also, here’s something I spotted in your facts,

“…more.I like to……….” Just wanted to tell you about that error and another one,

“I also like to open boxes of my stuff as if I just got it.” There is a double space there between I and If, thought you would like to know.

Also one more thing,

“For example here is a photo I took.” To make this correct, you should put a comma between “example” and “here”.

Sorry if I bothered you with those mentions!,

I liked this comment because it complemed my blog,they told me a little about themselves, it asked questions and gave me feedback. This is what I would like all my comments to look like.


#3: Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why.


I think my favorite post was the Week Five Music Post. This was my favorite post because I felt like I could talk about what interests me. This post spoke to me because I could talk about things that I like as well as learn about what you like. If you have not checked out my Week Five Post scroll on down and do so.


#4: What web tool did you use to showcase your creativity. 


I think my favorite web tool was the Word Collage. I used this tool in my A-Z post. I like this because I could use the words that I used in my post and design them into a cool image. These images were cool because from far away they look normal but close up you could see all the different words.


#5: What are your plans for your future blog.


My future plans are to post recipes that I enjoyed baking and also to write recipe reviews. Since i have a big move coming up in the future I will probably be posting more about that.If you want to learn more about that check out my All About Me post on the ‘All About Me’ page or at the bottom of this page.

SBC Week Seven Post – Holidays and Celebrations

Hi everyone, I’m back with the Week Seven Blogging Challenge post. This week we are posting about holidays. I am going to be talking about Thanksgiving .

I love the holiday Thanksgiving for many reasons one being I love to cook. You make a lot of things on thanksgivings. Number two it is a time that you gather with your family, and for me there is not a lot of time when my whole family under the same roof. 


On Thanksgiving, I am always in and out of the kitchen looking for something to help with,but every year we get assigned a job. For the past three years, my grandma, aunts and my mom cook all the amazing food, all the dads watch football games, my sisters take my cousins outside to play in the leaves, and I stay inside with my two one year old cousins. Around four o’clock, we eat dinner. We have two tables: a kid table and an adult table.We have two tables because we don’t have enough space at the dining room table,and lets just say you don’t want to eat with 2-5 year olds(it gets messy). We eat green beans,mashed potatoes, ham, turkey,stuffing and lots more.


I love this holiday for all those reasons and can’t wait for it this year. This is Cana your favorite blogger signing off.

SBC Week Five Post 2019-2020

Hi everyone, I just created a google form that I would love you to fill out if you had the time. On the google form I am asking you to record what are some of your favorite songs. One of my favorite songs is No one compares to you by Jack & Jack. I love this song because it is positive and makes you want to sing along. It is also a slow ish and relaxing song. I  discovered this song not long ago but fell in love with it.


I also love the song Teeth by Five Seconds Of Summer. I like this song because it is energetic and upbeat. this song makes you want to just jump on your bed and do kartweekls. I love the different beat drops and how often it happens. I started lissing to this song over the last year, and now it is on every one of my playlists.


The last and finale song I will share with you today is the song Closer by the Chainsmokers. I like this song because I have always been able to sing along to it, I think it is very catchy.I found this song on the radio a few years ago, and I have never been able to stop singing it.

So thanks for listening and if you have the time just please fill out that google form that is listed below, Thanks and have a good day!



SBC Week Three 2019-2020


It was a Saturday afternoon, and I was flying around my home Sofia, Bulgaria looking for lunch. When I saw my friends by the cafe eating, I swooped down and joined them. As soon as I landed they scrambled the other way. I walked back over to them, then they flew away. I was overcome with sadness, I had no friends. I walked back to the cafe to see if they left me any food. When I got there, all that was left was an empty bag of potato chips. So I walked around the back of the cafe to the dumper. I was near the dumpster when all of a sudden a trash bag fell on me. I could not get up I was stuck, I screamed for my friends but no one came. It felt like a lifetime being being trapped but then  a human walked out of the building next door and picked me up. I tried to get free but his grip was to strong and even if I could, I could not fly. He brought me to his house, where I was put in a cage with three other injured birds. I felt like I needed to get free, but at the same time I had a feeling that he was going to help me get better. One night he brought in a bird and as soon as he was in my sight I …


SBC Week Two 2019-2020

SBC Week Two

Hi friends,
I’m back with a Week Two Blogging Challenge post. I just wanted to share with you that week two is over and my video is posted below. My video is a informational video on how to comment on a blog. We were working on another project during this time, so we ran into some time constraints with this challenge. I made this video with Marissa, the owner of the blog. “Flipping For A Story”. In the comments, I will leave a link to her blog. Please visit her blog after mine.

SBC Week One 2019-2020

Hello everyone, I am very excited to be apart of the 2019-2020 Blogging Challenge! I hope to grow in my writing and, see you grow too. If you want to learn more about me or my classmates fee free to to go through the slides. just click on the link.  You will find a slide show that has one slide for every person in the class(there are eight of us).When you read the sides you will find the avatars that express  us as well as a description that talks about us. I hope you click down below and check us  out, also feel free to leave a comment to give me feedback. If you have any Ideas of what I should post next or any recipes leave a comment!


A-Z post

Hello to all of you Beautiful Bloggers! You are so creative, compelling, and communicative, You demonstrate a daring  side of your personality when you write your elite, entertaining, and fascinating stories that grab our attention and hook our imaginations. 


When I join you in this blogging world, I hope to keep looking for new ideas to help me express my inner self. I am excited to continue  writing on my blog to post stories of my adventures. I am a quiet person when it comes to public speaking. Recently, I started thinking I should try to understand more about how to communicate with others. It is very important to determine whether or not I am eXpressing myself clearly when I write or speak. I invite you to ask questions about my thoughts and stories. I want my blog to be a zone full of positivity and curiosity!

All About Me Cana Overby!


  1. Hi! My name is Cana, and I am in 7th grade at River Bend Middle school.  I was born in Tennessee. I have two younger sisters that go to Potomac Elementary school.
  2. I LOVE dogs. I have a dog right now that is 4 years old and is a mix breed. This is the 3 dog we have had. We get all of our dogs from shelters. Our dog we have now is a girl and her name is Opal. She loves to cuddle and play outside. 
  3. I love sports. I have been doing sports all my life. I have done gymnastics, swim team, softball, soccer, volleyball, and right now I am doing gymnastics.
  4. My favorite season is winter. I love winter because you can play in the snow. You can sit by the fire and watch Christmas movies. I also love wearing sweatshirts.
  5. I like to take photos. When I take photos I like to make my photos look like they are a painting. I like to take photos mostly of the sky because for me the sky is very easy to make look like a painting. For example here is a photo I took.
  6.  I like to travel. I have been to: Paris, Bulgaria, Germany, Dollywood among many more.I like to travel to see new places and different cultures. 
  7. I have lived in 3 states. I have lived in Tennessee, Florida, Virginia and soon europe. I like to explore new places. I also like to open boxes of my stuff as if  I just got it. 
  8. I have 8 cousins. I am the oldest. I have 7 on my moms side and 1 on my dads. All of my cousins are 6 and under. I love being the oldest.
  9. I love to bake. I love to read recipe books and try new recipes. I like to see what other people have come up with and like to eat. As well as the different ingredients.
  10. I am moving to Sofia, Bulgaria next summer. I am excited to move because I love it there and I have never lived in Europe before. I am also excited to eat the food and explore the culture. I hope you enjoyed.