May 2


This movie had way too much hype. Everyone was talking about it months before it even came out, and honestly there was no point. It was decent and by decent I mean pretty bad compared to other marvel films. I’m not too much of a superhero fan, and going into endgame the only superheros I knew were Thor and captain america. Apparently it’s about to make top 10 movies in history, I don’t care for that I’m just stating the facts. It made a ton of money I remember reading an article the day it came out in China, just the first 10 hours it made over 100 million. 100 million just let that sink in. I’d drop out of high school with that type of cash. I’d live in a barbie mansion living the dream life. No but in all seriousness that’s a ton of money even for a movie. Me personally the movie was alright, maybe you’ll like it more. The three extra long hours it took made it no justice. I went to the bathroom way too many times to count. I’m still recovering from that exploded bladder.

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