January 4


I watched Aquaman and let me tell you i’m not too happy about it. The movie is about Aquaman the king of the seas and his expedition to find out what happened to his mother and regain control of Atlantis. It starts off with his mother a queen meeting a lighthouse keeper and having a kid. One day the mother has to go back and leaves the lighthouse, big deal. That kid is later grows up to become Aquaman, he finds out his brother is the king of Atlantis and is destroying the inland. Too stop him he goes on a massive quest to find a trident which was honestly not necessary but whatever. At the end he takes his rightful place as king and finds his mother. Not everything was bad about this movie however, I like the idea of his mother a queen falling in love with a dock keeper. It really shows how no matter how rich or poor you are if you fall in love it happens. In a way it’s almost like a humble touch the creators added. I rate this movie 6/10 mainly because I almost fell asleep during Aquaman’s quest to get the trident.


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  1. Leia Beauchain

    A very honest post, thanks for the heads up. I was about to go see the movie but I have been hearing mixed reviews on it.


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