~”Nailed It”~

Nailed It 

The Netflix Original show is easily a comedy, with all the accidents, and informal knowledge of the rookie bakers. Along with the host Nicole Byer, and famous host baker Jacques Torres, there are no dull moments with the two of them bickering and commenting on the inexperienced bakers to distract and help them at the same time.


Home bakers who have a poor track record in the kitchen seek redemption — and cash — on this series. In each episode, three contestants try their hand at re-creating edible masterpieces. The projects don’t always turn out great, but whichever amateur baker comes closest to a successful dessert by the end of the episode takes home the $10,000 prize, which they might want to use on baking lessons. 


The show is absolutely hilarious and will definitely entertain you and make you cringe all at the same time. If you need a good laugh I definitely recommend this series for you. I rate this show a Medium Popcorn.






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