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Help, I’ve Lost Control of My Blog

I can’t make categories, pages, or ROBLOX games. Well, why would I want to do that? Anyway, I can’t update the news anymore, so I just say the latest news now.



Have you ever checked my post in the blog takeover on Sharing Our Notebooks? You should check it out, and all my classmates’ posts too! You can expect one new post every day from kids in Mrs. Haseltine’s English classes in the month of May.

Link to Sharing Our Notebooks blog:

Or you can use this link: Sharing Our Notebooks


I have also lost control of the categories. Last post, I wanted to make a new category called “Long”, but I couldn’t because I’m not the main manager anymore (my teacher changed that for all the kids in her classes because she doesn’t want to let us approve comments). What else did I lose control of… I’m not sure. Well anyway, I guess this one can be a little short. Thanks for reading! Also, if you comment, my teacher approves the comments, so she’ll read your comments, so if you want me to have permission to the pages again, you can ask her. I’m sure she’ll read it. Bye!

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