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Canva, Picture Maker Software

Every single thing you search up, there is 1,000 pictures that cost 1 USD. Every. Single. Search. Well, unless you search up Terraria, in which there aren’t any results. I use Canva to make all my pictures, and every single one of them is made of free pictures put into one. For my VEX Robotics post, I searched up “robot” and every picture that looked like a robot cost money. Every picture that was free was just a humanoid robot that looked ugly and made no sense. If you see any pictures that I make and they make no sense, then blame Canva. So now I will try to make a picture that looks really good using Canva.

Doesn’t it look beautiful? Don’t blame me if it doesn’t, it hurts my eyes too. Try and make your own canva pictures, and comment them to me. If they are extremely good, I will congratulate you and you will get your own blog post. You can type it in the comments, and I will copy and paste it, or I can type a blog post about your picture. Please submit your pictures by the end of Spring Break if you want to get your own blog post. So that’s about it. Get you own blog post today! Or maybe tomorrow. Or the next day. Or maybe sometime in April. Or 3970. Whatever. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Canva, Picture Maker Software

  1. I love to rant about bad websites! May I borrow the idea? My image is a pink bathtub on my tornado post. I can’t figure out how to put it in the comment so I will Text it to you when I get home. (:

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