Right now I am in the basement hiding from the GIGANTIC storm that is going on in the area. I have my computer and all of my toys, ready to fight the storm to come. I honestly don’t know what a plastic katana is going to do to a storm but I’ll try as hard as I can.  There’s actually a tornado warning for this area as many of you probably know, winds are going to be moving at at least 20 miles per hour which makes it possible for a tornado to storm. There is even possibly going to be hail! I’m in a google hangouts call with Lookbacker and we’ve seen the worst of this storm. Have you ever seen water fly? Well we have. If you look outside, the wind is pushing the water so it looks like it is flying around. LookBacker is now telling me that the trees look like they are at a disco club. Honestly I think we could make a poem out of that and share it for our poetry cafe.  As we said: “We shall survive the apocalypse!”

If you are paranoid here is the link to the storm warning that mentions the tornado that will hit around this ashburn region.

2 thoughts on “Surviving the apocalypse with a friend”

  1. I’m so glad the tornado didn’t hit anywhere. I love that you and Lookbacker were blogging and writing throughout the whole ordeal! Amazing!

  2. I was at swimming lessons when it happened. (I need to post about it) Good thing you grabbed everything or else you might lose your wins on Fortnite!

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