Today we are leaving for Virginia Beach. I know it’s pretty late into the spring break but I’m still super excited for this trip. We’ve packed everything up and we are going to go in a few minutes. I normally don’t like long driving trips, but I’m excited for what’s going to happen after we leave our car and go to the actual beach. We got a hotel room with a ocean view so we can see the beach whenever we want. Life can’t get much better than that. I really envy the people who live there, but I guess it gets old really quick. I’m going to post again when I get there about my experiences in Virginia beach. I bet you are yelling at your screen telling me to stop saying this, but for the last time: I’m SUPER excited for this vacation!

One thought on “SOL: It’s finally here!”

  1. I am not yelling at my screen. In may I probrably would be saying that twice on every post. I am excited for you! (:

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