Here in Loudon County, many of us aren’t exposed to the hardships people have to face around the world. So many people are lacking food and are malnourished, but each day, all of us are wasting enough food to probably give all of them a healthy life instead of living with constant pains of hunger. You may think that it just happens with third world countries which are far away from here, but it happens in America as well. In fact it occurs even in the capital of America. We were just travelling around in DC when we saw tons of people just sitting on the street without food or shelter, yet the obesity problem in America is taking center stage. If food were distributed better than both of these problems would be stopped. My main point for this blog is that these things are happening everywhere and stopping them is the only way to make things better. We can’t just sit here wasting half of the food we buy, there are people starving out there who would beg for your radishes that you are throwing away because they taste funny. That’s my point to make for today. Try to do something to save these people.

One thought on “SOL: What’s wrong with the world”

  1. I agree, you usually see a problem and you instantly have billions of solutions to them. Like your example “If food were distributed better then both these problems would be stopped.”

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