Toys R Us ……Closing!

I reacted very sadly when this news came to my ears. Toys R Us is bankrupt and is going out of business. There is a lot of reasons that they are closing but it is truly very sad. I personally dislike shopping. I am not saying shopping is bad but it is very boring to me. Please don’t go ballistic on me. Toys R Us is the only store that I can go into with a smile on my face. I wondered if people were raising money and then found out that people are trying to save the toy stores. Larian is trying to save them. He has invested $100 million dollars into this fund to save Toys R Us. He needs $1 billion dollars if he wants to save them. He got another $100 million form other people but doesn’t have enough time to raise hundreds of millions of dollars more. He might have until early May to raise about $800 million. That still might not work but I’m happy to see an adult working to save the store that is perfect for kids.

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