I Got Fortnite Mobile!

It was an exciting day on Friday. My friend was playing Fortnite on his Ipad and I really wanted to play. I can’t play on my Xbox 360 and I can only play if I am at other people’s houses. I was excited to hear that Fortnite was coming out on mobile devices. I searched up Fortnite on the app store but all I got was other games. I couldn’t find it and then I learned that it was invite only event and you had to get a code from Epic Games. I signed up but it would take way too long so my friend got me a code. At first it didn’t work but on the 2nd day I persisted and it worked!

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  1. Aaron says: Reply

    This is such a coincidence! I got fortnite mobile on friday too. It is a pretty good game so ar and can not wait to hear more about you playing it.

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