Acorn and Rascal



Heys guys, it’s P.S. The story of Acorn, our cat, and Rascal is an interesting one. A couple years ago, my dad suprised Lily, my older sister with a kitten. She named her Acorn because of the way she looked when she slept. She curled up in a little ball and had the color of an acorn, light tan, so it was fitting. Acorn was a very playful and lovable kitten. The reason my dad got her is because she was so friendly. We got her in the winter, and in the spring, we noticed that she was getting a little chubby. She was getting a lot more vocal, but we didn’t think much of that either. Then, one day, in the fall, my mom told me there was a suprise outside. I thought it was the witch she bought off craigslist(my mom goes all out on halloween decorations and gets very excited about them). But she lead the little girls (the 3 youngest girls in my family) and I down to our chicken coop and inside we found Acorn laying down in one of the nesting boxes with a tiny fluffy orange thing laying next to her. At first I thought is it a mouse? But then looked closer and realized it was a kitten! Our kitten had a kitten and we couldn’t even tell she was pregnent! We were kind of scared he wouldn’t survive, but after a week, we slowly noticed him getting healthier.


-P.S.- I’ll make a part 2 on the little baby  Acorn had!

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