Spring Break!

Yay! Spring break is finally here! My spring break might not be as exciting as others because I am not going anywhere far, but I still get a week off of school. Let me tell you my plan for spring break.

Today: People are coming over for dinner.

Sunday: Parent’s are going to Pittsburg, they are going to drop my brother and I to my cousins’ house.

Monday: RELAX

Tuesday: RELAX

Wednesday: Roller Skating

Thursday: Busch Gardens

Friday: Busch Gardens

Saturday: RELAX

Sunday: RELAX

Monday: RELAX

I am not positive that we are going to Busch Gardens, but I am pretty sure. We might be going with another family to Busch Gardens but I am not sure. I am so happy that spring break is here!

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  1. Michelle Haseltine at |

    I’m not going anywhere either. This looks like a good way to spend a week to me. Enjoy!


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