Previously on Houselyvania……

Houselyvania is the biggest house in the world. Everyone is talking about the house. Only millionaires can buy this. But billy had a plan.

Chapter 2: Billy’s plan

It was an ordinary day in the town of ulalalalalullakkdkdkdkkxjbhvhhguhijikjnj city. Billy was a normal kid who didn’t have a lot of money probably like a couple bucks in his pocket. His mom died when he was six because she had heart disease. So it was just Billy and his dad every day Billy’s dad cried to sleep. When Billy turned 12 he snapped he went to his dads room and said “ dad you need to snap out of it mom died 6 years ago and you still cry you need to stop and be a man.” Then Billy’s dad got so mad he said “you have a month to get out of this house.” Billy was shocked, like really shocked. His dad just kicked him out of his house. When Billy went back into his room he had a plan. He would rob banks to get money to get the Houselyvania. He thought about it all night. Then he made up his mind. 

To be Continued…….

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