I know The Silly Sancturary doesn’t post anymore but in real life he made story’s of people who are bad at games. At first I thought it was insulting but his stories are super exadurated. Like how they have so little skill that it doesn’t even mater any more. So I decided to make my own. It is going to be a terraria noob because I play that game way to much.


 It is so dumb it is unofficial

By: Henry


Friday, Feburary 13, 2017

At school people are talking about this game Terraria. They say it is a new Minecraft. I spend 104% of my time in my moms basement so I downloaded the game on my computer. I log in and am greeted with the start menu. I see something I’ve never seen before. It read single player, multiplayer, achievements, controls, and quit. I try to sound out the letters but I couldn’t figure it out. I decided to click the first one and see what it did. It took me to a screen that told me to create a character. I clicked the first button which took me to a color changing bar. Every time I moved the bar the hair on my character changed. I set it to green. I did that for the rest of the settings. I ended up with an entirely green character. I clicked the next button like normal and my character turned into a girl. I thought girls are descusting. Everyone else in my school claimes they stoped thinking girls were gross in 3rd grade. But I still think that. I spammed the button over and over again until I noticed it was going between boy and girl. I made it stop at boy and sighed of relief. I moved onto the next option. It just said soft core. I don’t like being called soft because pillows are soft and it reminds me of the time I hurt my head on a pillow and had to see a doctor. I wanted to get it to easy core so I clicked it. It moved on to medium core. I screamed in terror. Medium is way above my skill level. I clicked the button almost instantly. It went to hard core. That sounded more like it. I clicked the button below it and it made my character change entirely. I decided it looked okay and pressed create. I saw my character on the screen and selected him. It took me to an identical screen that asked me to create a world. I could select crimson or corruption and I chose crimson because it won an enie menie miney moe. It then let me select normal or expert. I selected normal because I felt like it. It then started to load the world.


I am going to make this a multi part sieries. But remember, use code lazerbeam in the Fortnite item shop! (My word count was 493 so I decided to add this to get to 500)

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