Dang! TheRandomDude posted about the tornado before I did. Oh well, at least I got the silver medal. Now for the post:


I was writing The Terrarian. “Henry we need to go to swimming lessons!” I dragged myself to the car and slipped myself into my seat. We just got past the busy street (I will not tell you what it is called) and I heard beep beep beeps. If I brought my phone I would have known what it wasn’t tornado warning.

My parents refused to tell me until I found out at swimming. They didn’t tell me because I only just recovered from the tornado in 5th grade. It legendary scarred me. So I went in there and did swimming just like ‘normal’ until everyone screamed. “Everyone out!!!” Blasted through my ears. I swam out of the pool and went into the changing area. Derpus told me that he had nachos or something when he was at golf? I had to stand in a room with random people change for 20 minutes. They eventually let us out after the sky went from Batman colors to casual thunderstorm colors. I drove home like normal.




But remember, there is no downside to video games!

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