So one of my BEST FRIENDS Sharpies, Pens, and everything else is having a birthday! April 20th!! So A little Dream and I decided to surprise her. Yesterday I went to little Dream’s house with a bag of jolly ranchers!! At her house we made a birthday poem and got a tiny box filled with jolly ranchers! So then today before our 5-6 block started, A Little Dream stopped by my locker with the poem and present. We have English with Sharpies, Pen, and everything else so we thought this would be the perfect time to give her her present and poem! When she walked in the door we waited a little bit to give Sharpies, Pens, and everything else her gifts. Then…WE STRIKE! We give her, her poem and gifts and I record her reaction. Afterwards she gives us a big hug!! So, Sharpies, Pens, and Everything else if your reading this we love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

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