Ah! I Almost Missed A Post!

AH! OMG I ALMOST MISSED A POST!!! The only reason I remember to write a blog for today is because I was watching a Sims 4 YouTube video and they were talking about the character looking like a beauty blogger and I started FREAKING OUT!! In my head after they mentioned the word blogger I just thought, “Did I write a blog? Oh Shoot no I didn’t! last one I did was in class!!!” So then I instantly got on my laptop to write and my laptop was taking its sweet time!!! Like, I GOT TO DO SOMETHING HERE HURRY UP!!!!! So once my laptop logged in I was just typing in passwords and links, but almost sonic speed! And so now I’m here writing really quick so this is going- MY ALARM IS GOING OFF AHHH! Ok back on track I just stopped it. I need a breather, I just ran downstairs, my alarms loud. Seriously though, I dance once a week, I do NOT run. I’m not athletic AT ALL. Maybe if I have to beat someone at a game because I’m competitive but otherwise, I’m out! Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! student signing out! <3….Also it’s 8:45 and all electronics off at 9:00 in my house.

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