Will There Be A Snow Day??

AHHH!!! Ok, so i’m writing this in advance so i’m not going to be sure by the time i’m writing this, but there might be a snow day tomorrow!! So again, writing this in advance so i’ll update you later in a different post! But the thing is today is a B day and since we have already had so many snow days on A days this would mean we would miss ANOTHER A day! And I Love A days! There my favorite days! So that is a con but the pro is snow! C’mon who doesn’t like snow! Yes, I know some people probably just said they don’t like snow. No hate to anyone that doesn’t like snow, I get it, it’s cold. But if you don’t like snow then you get a free day! So i’m REALLY hoping we could get a snow day! I’m writing this on a Monday and people are saying it might snow on Tuesday and Wednesday! But this blog will go out on Tuesday so i’ll update you later on on Tuesday. Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student signing out! <3

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