No Snow..Just Rain

So it’s Tuesday…and i’m at school currently. I thought that there wouldn’t be school today but I guess not! Ugh that makes me mad! I was so tired this morning not to mention too! I woke up and instantly went down to the kitchen because I could hear my mom washing her dish. Then I asked her if we had school and she responded with, “I never got a call from school so I think so sweetie, i’m sorry.” so then I went back into my room and got ready. This morning it was raining so my dad drove me to the bus stop and we waited in the car until the bus came. I heard so many people talking about why school should have gotten canceled to the point where it started getting annoying! But on the bus is when I usually start waking up anyways so it started getting less annoying. But then school…oh school. EVERYONE was talking about it!! That was all I could hear for the longest time! You could have brain washed someone in that time! By the end of my second class, thankfully, it started dying down. Right now i’m in my 3rd class AKA English. And not too many people are talking about it! And on the bright side lunch is is 5 minutes or less! So i’m definitely starting to get happier! Hopefully that can turn my day around! Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student signing out! <3

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