Sims 4 CC

So I’ve talked about how I’m obsessed with my laptop before. But I didn’t mention what I spend about half of the time doing. So, I mainly spend time on my laptop downloading Sims 4 CC. CC stands for custom content just in case you didn’t know that. Now what you do with custom content is you download it to “modify” your character that you make. So in the Sims you make characters and play as them. You can also make their houses, or make really big family’s! You could do so much with Sims. When you make a new game you have to make a character to play as, and that’s where CC comes into play. So Sims 4 obviously comes with different options in stuff like eyes, hair, clothes, you know normal, basic needs for a human to look like a human. But when you download CC you can get different and technically more options. Like more detailed hairs, or more “realistic clothes”. And there are so many different varieties and styles and clothe types that I just get sucked in! Once I start I can’t stop!! Well, I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoyed reading! Student signing out! <3...I might go download some now. :3

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