Hello again! Today i am going to write about my guinea pig- Thor! If you can’t see the picture I posted at the top, Thor is mostly black. Half of his face is black, half of his face is white, and there is a little brown by his eye. On his body, there is a big brown spot and a little white strip that looks kind of like a belt. He has a HUGE CAGE! He also gets a lot of attention:) His favorite food is probably lettuce and peppers, but he also loves hay. We give him pellets, but………. He ends up flipping his bowl over to get pieces of hay. He is VERY picky about the pieces that he eats, so he probably only eats 60% of the hay that we give him. He LOVES running laps around his cage, and he also loves it when we let him run around on the carpet! We made him a little tunnel out of an oatmeal cylinder, and he loves it! He always walks through it. We also got him a Thor tsum tsum for Christmas! It is one of his friends. Here’s a video of him to end off this long post. Bye!

*note: in the video, that is not his current cage. Also, It was from a while ago. Thor is much bigger and fatter now.



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