Ticks Poem (I hate them)

Ok let me explain this poem. Seeing a tick, talking about one, TOUCHING ONE, having one ON ME. Makes me FREAK OUT. I have panic attacks with them and spiders, spiders not as much but TICKS… I HATE THEM ALL. I went fishing in the tall grass yesterday and my brother saw a tick on his leg and said “Guys check for ticks!” And I saw one on my leg and started flipping out and I screamed at my sister lola “GET IT OFF OH MEH GAWD KILL IT!!!!!!!!!!!” And she got it off me.

But when we got in the car (Just me and my dad) I saw one on my leg and SCREAMED LIKE THERE WAS NOOOO TOMORROW. (He got mad at me and yelled at me for almost making him crash the car) But I started having a panic attack and Hyper ventilating. I felt my chest and screamed again because I felt one. And another on my neck…

At this point I was crying for my mom (Literally) and my dad sped us home. (NOT a fun car trip for us) So then we went into the big bathroom and my dad pulled off like three ticks on my skin, and found a ton on my clothes.

Later that night I was running my hands all over myself after a bath because when I see ONE tick I don’t feel safe in my own skin. Luckily no more ticks! But I’m still on edge today. I hate them SO MUCH!

So please enjoy me venting about my hatred for ticks below.


Ticks ticks ticks

I hate them so much

I would burn them all

Smash them all

Drown them all

They don’t have any real point

All they do it bite

And I hate it

Because it causes me a fright

I see one and I scream

I scream and cry

And shout and kick

I hit and jump

I leap to my feet

I run to my dad because he always gets rid of them

I start crying and pointing and screaming and kicking

I don’t want them near me

I don’t want them on me

I don’t want to see one

I don’t want to touch one

I would much




Burn them all

Smash them all

Drown them all

I start to breath so quick

I breath in and out at the same time

My knees shake

My lungs ache

I kick and howl

I scream and cry

I cry and I ask


Why why why

Do they exist?
Ticks ticks ticks.

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