March Madness Slice Of Life

Slice of lifeeeeee!

Woohoo! Now I have to do 2 posts a day for a month! Because of my daily Relatable posts.

It’s going to be very difficult to do, since it’s hard for me to keep up with it and find good ideas for my daily Relatable posts.

Now my teacher calls us “Slicers” since we’re doing the slice of life thing. It’s a funny name, like we’re little murderers running around with knives going “RAWR IM A SLICERRRRR!” I need to draw a comic about that.

Just imagine a pack of seven year olds running around and screaming that. That’s the stuff of nightmares.

So. Ya’ll should tell me if you want me to make comics.

:3 thx, bai my dewds 👌

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