I Broke My Wrist

Yay… I broke my left growth plate in my wrist while snow boarding! ):I

So now I’m in a sling (or slang?) And I can’t do ANYTHING! I can barely type this with one hand! Someone has to help me open and close the computer, I can’t reach some of the keys, and I can’t carry my binders without having to bring my backpack!Trust me, this will get a lot harder at lunch.

When I fell, the instructor ran over to me and called the ski patrol, aka the medic’s. And the two boys in my lesson got my board off. Then the medical team got there and put me in a sled where they took me down the mountain to the medical bay. I got to ride in a wheel chair too. Then Kylie and her mom ran in, Freaking out and everything! We got my arm in a splint and gauze. The medic’s name that rescued me was Lucas. He was very funny and told some jokes.

Though the medical team were worried about my head because when I fell I hit it on the icy slope and was very dizzy and sleepy. They shined lights in my eyes and tested my hearing and visual skills. They said no serious injury except for my wrist, It was broken for sure. So ms.Leah ( Kylie’s mom ) whisked us to the car and we drove from maryland to virginia.

Then she brought me to my mom and we drove to the ER. The doctors gave me a special wrist band, NOT ON MY BROKEN ONE. And took me too a room. Then I got some medicine and a better splint and x-rays. So I found out it was broken. DUN DUN DUN! So now it’s in a cast. yay.

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