SOL Day 20:Patience is my Greatest Weakness

Look I’m very sorry for not blogging yesterday, but to make things up I’m blogging today. Anyhow let me tell you about yesterday.

So today I had a Vex-Robotics, my robotics club, after school. Our goal (in my group)is to make our robot go through a labyrinth to the end. To take test runs, we need all the lights of our controller and robot to be green. But however, all the lights started turning red and blinking. “Why are all the lights red?” One of my teammates asked.

“Maybe it needs to be updated.” Another of my teammates said.

A few minutes later, my teammates and I updated the program tool. However, it had no effect. So I went ahead and asked our instructor about the lights. He said that the batteries were probably not charged. So we went ahead and started charging the batteries. The batteries took a lot more time to charge than I thought. Literally, it took FOREVER for the batteries to get charged. Unfortunately patience is my greatest weakness. I literally don’t have a single drop of patience in my body. When It was time to leave, our instructor told us to go leave our batteries and chargers behind so he can charge them.

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