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I am very happy and and also very excited and everything else I can be, but I am disappointed about this computer because the space feels so mushy it feels like it is a touchpad. Also I wish the school computers had some better processors and had some more battery and some better cooling because after some use these laptops get so hot, ok so the thing I was happy about was that I am going to get a Xbox One S and I am going to get the game Forza Horizon 3 and I am getting the Hot Wheels expansion along with the Xbox One S. I am very happy that I have a 4k monitor because it can stream through the monitor and come through as 4K. I am just very happy because I wanted that game for quite a while now and I will finally have it and I am just very hyper and using to many and’s and and and and…………………..


iPhone 11 Update

Today is a big day, well not really but it still is a big day. If you guys haven’t heard about a youtube channel named EverythingApplePro than you probably do not watch tech videos no offence. He just spotted out some leaks and rumors about the iPhone 11 and the iPhone SE 2, he pointed out that the iPhone 11 or iPhone 10 Plus is just going to have a bigger screen and it is probably going to have the A12 chip installed and it is going to have a bigger battery and it is also going to be sold in 3 models, 2 of them will be flagship models and one of them will be less expensive but it will have an aluminum back plate and it will also have an lcd screen instead of the oled display in the iPhone 10. Also it will have 2nd generation face id along with the bigger battery and the next gen A12 chip it will be the best performing iPhone yet. The Flagship models which are the more expensive models are full packed and they will feature the most advanced os in an iPhone ever, now I know OS 11 was a really good os but they are saying the new Os 12 is going to be way better. It will probably feature 3D touch and it will be amazing have that 3D touch on such a long screen. Well this blog has already gone over the limit of what I wanted it to be, so I hope you guys have a great day and remember to StayChill                   (PS: This might not be so true and it might not be exactly what I said and the eventual results might not be  the same).

Terraria or Minecraft

Hey guys I am Anshu and today I am going to talk to you about Terraria.

Terraria is a block based game that is free, now I know it is basically a minecraft rip-off. But there are some things different about terraria and minecraft. Terraria is free and Minecraft costs $27.95, so yeah. Terraria is a online game and minecraft is an actual download and you actually have to go into the app for minecraft but Terraria is an online game. If you go to say, 

if you are a little kid or you are someone who doesn’t have a ton of money or $27.95 the I recommend that you go with Terraria. Terraria is still a pretty

decent game but obviously mine-craft is worth the money. Minecraft and Terraria both are on the Xbox 360 but minecraft is also on the Xbox One and One S and One X. Well you can get Terraria free on the pc by downloading it from an alternate website but I seriously do not recommend that. Well I hope that this post was enough for you too choose between one Terraria or Minecraft, see you guys and remember to StayChill.

Let’s talk iPhone 11

Hey guys, and girls, no offense. Let’s talk iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 is a long-awaited release of the iPhone 10 but with some cheaper models for those of us who actually don’t want to go broke. The iPhone 11 is going to be a cheaper equivalent of the iPhone X or 10. I checked on this website called digital trends(here is the link if you want to go check it out for yourself, the information I got from that site was that the iPhone 11 is likely to be released in the month of September of this year. The base model iPhone 11 will be in the range of 650 to 750 dollars. This will be a lot better price range for a lot of people because a lot of people were not buying the iPhone because it was too expensive for them to buy. Well, that’s all I have, for now, see you later, and remember StayChill.

Beginning: StayChill

This is finally the day, the day the stay chill blog will finally start and in all of its glory, it will shine. Okay that as a bit much but it is the start of a new blog.

I have never had a blog so it’s really exciting and I am a bit hyper but you can’t blame me for that because the rest of the people in my class are way more excited about it than me so I am trying to be optimistic and all that stuff. But I am seriously excited about this blog, finally something where I don’t have to share something on a notebook, no offence but i still do very much like Notebook Journey it’s just that I have to always write on paper and it sometimes gets boring. I think blogging is a amazing way to communicate and get along with others doing the same thing. Well I hope you guys enjoy my blog and I hope you stick with me till the end, remember