I have talked about sports before on my blog. I have yet to talk about them specifically, and since it is time for spring sports ill talk about soccer!

Soccer has been apart of my life since i was walking. My sister was around the age of 12 so she would try and play soccer with me. I loved it, although when i was five i was using my hands and goofing around i eventually around the age of 9-10 started to get more into soccer. My dad loved watching me and my sister play soccer. I know i wasn’t very good but kicking the ball and running around was enough for me to enjoy it and play on a team. I played for a while in all year around and then would take a break. I have played every position. Defense to striker to midfield. I enjoyed them all very much but i suck with center mid. This year with a new turf field is going to be really fun. I’m looking forward to learning and playing more soccer. I also have the opportunity to make new friends which is always the best part of joining a team.

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