Rising Dawn

Hello folks, Risad here!

Today I wrote a story about survivor living in a post apocalyptic time. He questions ethics and morales of why does it have to be that way. I took inspiration from a movie and video game! I hope you enjoy reading this!

     As the stars descended upon the bright morning sky, a new day began. The air was as dry and cold as ever. The soil was sandy and scorched by the blast, that eradicated everything I loved. The sky was turning to a baby blue, with no cloud in sight. It was another day for scavenging. Everything was quiet, nowadays. I once despised the bustling city, now it is a empty husk of its former self. Was it the people who made a city, feel like a city, or was it the other way around?  Well it doesn’t matter anymore, since everything is gone. As I leapt up, I picked up the my old, dried blood stained gas mask, and I put it on .

     When I peered across the ledge of this 40 story tower. I saw the walls in the distance, the walls that once quarantined the city. But the walls couldn’t stop the madness. This was the place where the sickness ended, but where the infection started. You could the walls didn’t do a good job. The walls were destroyed, now it is just ruble. Some parts of the walls were left standing. On that side of the wall, there was graffiti of all colors. It seemed like this never happened, like it was just a dream. Suddenly, the wind blew the tower would start swinging left and right, I would start panicking and breath heavily, but now it was different. The bright light of the hydrogen and helium gas ball, hit my nocturnal eyes and make me go blind. It was like touching a hot pan and burning your hand, but on your eyes. As I turned around and saw all my belongings. My solar powered, multi-colored, christmas lights were always lit. The solar panels powered my UV lights, the water purifiers, and etc.  The UV lights protect me from the monster. Those monsters come to my doorstep, when there’s noise. Their boney, dry skin light up, when exposed to UV light. That’s why they don’t come outside when the sun is out. Their always in the shadow in the day, but when the candle is blown out. They leave their dark home, and pry on the survivors. Their drive, is their insatiable hunger. They can be really aggressive when out hunting for survivors.

      Every, now and then, I hear the screams of people, when it is dark out. I have heard them talk like a regular, rational person about their important memories. I question myself, when I kill them. Are they alive? Do they remember who they were? Do they feel pain, when they die? I have so many questions, the only way to know the answer, is by becoming one of them. Then I’ll truly know how it feels like. I don’t doubt that I’ll become one of them. I just want to delay it, I don’t want to hurt others. I can’t wait till the summer. During the winter, it gets really hard to survive. The days are shorter. But, people in the north have it much rougher than us. It snows, it makes it harder for them to move them.  Then suddenly, a jet flew across the sky with great speed. It was like a bullet was shot. Then a supply box dropped from the jet. The box was very durable, like a Nokia 3310. It was time to go. I don’t want the others to get the supply box first. I got onto the swift zipline, and made it to the other rooftop. I got onto the telephone pole and zipped down. The air on the streets were grimy. It was like a thick sheet of gray, that covered the streets of the city. It’s the gaseous form of the virus. It was thicker than the air, so it always drooped down. I took a deep breath, and I started running. That is usually, how I start my day.

This story had some inspiration of some video games and show. They are Dying Light and I Am Legend. Have you written any stories, that you have taken inspiration from? If you have then leave a link to your blog in the comment. I hope you are having a wonderful day!


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  1. Hi Risad-

    You have some amazing vocabulary on display in this intriguing zombie story. I think it’s fascinating that your inspiration came from two video games. Maybe you’ll be the inspiration for a video game someday! One of my favorite lines in this story is “I once despised the bustling city; now it is an empty husk of its former self.” There are plenty of other lines that stand out, but this one in particular provided an instantaneous image in my mind. That’s some fine imagery, my writer friend.

    I hope you’ll find time to write more short stories like this one. Use one of the photo sites and dig up a picture that sends your mind into overdrive (like this one obviously did). I can’t wait to read more, and more, and more!

    Mrs. Rombach

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