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Teachers, if you’re tired of the same old Quizizz and Kahoot reviews you do with your students, or are just looking to try something new, come on board with Poll Everywhere right now!

Every teacher has experienced a dead-silent room after asking a question to their students. Anyone, anyone at all, the teacher thinks hopelessly to their self. As a student that has experienced the other side of the awkwardness, I am fully aware that everyone is usually too afraid to give the wrong answer, or are waiting for someone else to answer the question. With Poll Everywhere, students can confidently respond to questions without the fear of being called out. All they have to do is flip out their phone, punch in a few numbers, and not have the teacher stand around for ten minutes and give the answer away.

This classroom management site gives you the choice of making surveys, timed challenges, open-ended questions, and, my favorite: creating word clouds with students’ responses. When selecting the word cloud option, you can input any question, and the students’ answers will appear on the promethean board in a self-arranging artwork of words; this poll is perfect for vocab review. The rapid fire round of challenge questions brings out the competitive side of students. While this poll tests students under pressure, a relaxed map poll in History class can be just as fun as students are pinpointing places in empires or the West. There are so many opportunities to create student practices with Poll Everywhere. Kick the old Kahoot and Quizizz out and bring the newer, better practice website in!