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Let’s be honest, reading blogs can be kind of boring and feel like a whole lot of work you don’t want to do. Who wants to read a lame, uninteresting blog? For a while, I couldn’t stand blogs because I did not know what campuspress was. When I found out about campuspress, my whole perspective changed on blogs, and I no longer had to read in agony a page weighted with words. Campuspress is a blog designed for students and teachers to communicate and learn more efficiently. It isn’t for one classroom- universities, schools, and districts can make their own website and blog to make announcements or reviews on anything they like! I can create my own blogs on whatever I would like and my teachers communicate with my class on our daily activities.


Using this app was a great experience for my classroom and me. Thankfully, I finally can keep up with school and my teachers are always updating me on anything I have missed. I recommend this app to all teachers and schools because learning should be more interactive and exciting. My voice is very important to me, and as a student, I can now be heard and voice my opinion to my whole school! Campuspress is a great app and community resource.