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LCPS Computer Science Department

Fuel integration. Spark Inspiration. Ignite Innovation.

About Computer Science & Computational Thinking

LCPS is going to make coding our

Second Language

Computer Science in LCPS is using computer programming to help tackle authentic, challenging problems in the world. Students will share solutions featuring computer programming with a real-world audience beyond their teacher, and collaborate with experts in the world as they use computer-programming to solve problems. These experiences will contribute to student ownership of their work, and deeper, longer-lasting learning in all content areas.

LCPS uses Computational Thinking as an approach to solving problems in a way that can be implemented with a computer. It involves the use of concepts, such as abstraction, recursion, and iteration, to process and analyze data, and to create real and virtual artifacts.

Beginning with the elementary school grades and continuing through grade 12, students will develop a foundation of computer science knowledge and learn new approaches to problem solving that captures the power of Computational Thinking to become both users and creators of computing technology.


Elementary School

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Middle School

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