Ollie The Fish

Ollie the fish had a very significant role in Melody’s life. Ollie’s story was a big reflection of how Melody feels and how she lives. The fish was supposedly living a good life with adequate conditions to live in, but after a while Ollie decided to jump out of his bowl and try to be free.

I feel that Ollie’s life can also mirror Melody’s life of how she just wants to break free and live her own life. I believe that everyone thinks Melody is doing just fine and is happy with what she has, but in reality she feels the urge to escape this bad dream and have a different life.

When Melody sees Ollie jump out of her fish bowl she really wanted to save him and did her best effort to tell her mother to come and help. Melody gets very depressed when her mother thinks she took him out of the bowl and Ollie dies. Ollie was a very important part of this story in Melody’s life.

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