May 22 2020

Sunken Ship

Seahorse found a sunken ship in the Pacific Ocean, where the three friends lived.
She signaled her friends to come and bring some other fish 🐠 friends along as well. When they all arrived, the other small fish swam into the ship happily.
Dolphin 🐬 and Narwhal asked why the other fish 🐠 liked it so much. Seahorse said, “they like it so much because they can hide from sharks and other predators, and the ship looks very sturdy.”
Narwhal and Dolphin felt a little embarrassed, becauseΒ theyΒ eat some of the smaller fish, so that madeΒ themΒ predators! But still they were good friends with Seahorse, so they happily swam to the ship.
When Dolphin 🐬 and Narwhal swam into the ship the other fish 🐠 and crustaceans πŸ¦€ were not scared of them.

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