May 22 2020

Seahorse’s Mate

Seahorse had found a mate.

She sent a letter to her friends saying that she found her mate. Her friends, Dolphin and Narwhal, were very happy, and made her aΒ kake.
When they went to give it to her, they saw Seahorse was preoccupied with finding kelp for her mate. So Dolphin and Narwhal left the kake with her and swam back to their reef.
Seahorse, in the meantime, found the best kelp ever, but she ate all of it! There was no kelp for her mate! So she swam out of her reef, and found an oyster. Inside the oyster, there was a pearl. The pearl was a shiny pink sphere. Seahorse was excited to give it to her mate. He loved it!
Dolphin and Narwhal felt they had lost their friend! So they came up with an idea:Β they swam to Los CatzΒ and took another cat (the person who owned the cat was not happy, like last time!). They took the cat to their reef, and put it right in front of Seahorse.
Seahorse was too distracted, decorating her mate’s house, and couldn’t see the cat. The cat scratched Seahorse, but she couldn’t feel it. Because love kept her safe.
Dolphin and Narwhal were very angry because their plan was to get Seahorse’s attention with the cat, but it did not work.
The next night, they took Seahorse to Los Catz to see the Kadzein fireworks (fireworks that look like the cat god Kadzia).
Seahorse said, “this is much better!”
Dolphin and Narwhal were finally very happy. When they looked at Seahorse…
SHE WAS WITH HER MATE. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally, they gave up on trying to get Seahorse’s attention!
“WHO IS THIS NEW FRIEND?” asked Dolphin.
“Don’t you recognize him?” asked Seahorse.
Narwhal said, “Uhhhh… no!”
Seahorse said, “This is Craison,” pointing to her mate.
Dolphin and Narwhal recognized the name. Narwhal asked, “Are you Craison Wadder?”
Craison said, “Yes!”
Then they remembered Craison from their childhood!
(Story continued in the next post)

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