May 22 2020

Scary Los Catz

One day, the three friends, Dolphin, Seahorse and Narwhal, found an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

They wondered what the island was called. Seahorse poked his eyes out of the water, and saw a sign that was high up on a high building on a high mountain. Since Dolphin knew how to read, she read it. It said “Get your new little kitty at Los Catz!” So they guessed the island was called Los Catz.

After hearing that, Seahorse and Narwhal got terrified, because there were cats all over the island! And theyΒ learnt their lesson about cats, earlier.

Dolphin said, “these cats won’t hurt you. Only the sinking cats will.” But they were still terrified. Dolphin tried to convince them. Nothing worked.

Seahorse and Narwhal swam away, while Dolphin explored the island.

Finally Dolphin swam back to her friends, and told them, “the cats that you saw were just cat cars and cat buses!” She explained what cat cars and cat buses are.

“Cat cars and cat buses are just like the cars and buses that we ride on, except that they look like cats, and run around everywhere like a cat on four legs.” She continued, “but beware, the people in Los Catz always have cats around. Always.”

And Narwhal and Seahorse became more terrified!

Finally, Dolphin tried to teach them another lesson. She caught them in a net, took them to the island, grabbed a catΒ (the person who owned the cat was very angry!)Β and put the cat in the water, and it was floating.

Narwhal and Seahorse were very sad even though they were scared of it. So they rescued it and put it back on the shore. The cat ran back to its human.

But the cat still liked Seahorse and Narwhal even though they did not know it.
Seahorse and Narwhal still didn’t like cats, but they lost their fear of cats!

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