Ode to the Beach

By: Hannah Lutz

I walked down the wooden steps

They were as scorching as the sun

I found sweet relief in the sand

While it was still warm,

It soothed my now burnt feet

I remember how the sand shined

and glistened

in the sunlight


I stared at the turquoise waters

The waters seemed to be interminable

The ocean was a sapphire

And the waves crashing by the shore,

looked like glass shattering

My affection for the beach was instilled at a young age


The beach is pure joy

Spending time with family,

and friends

Building enormous sandcastles

Taking a nap on warm sand

that feels like a soft bed


The happiness I feel while visiting the beach,

Hearing the seagulls squawk and the waves crash,

Feeling the suns hot rays and cooling off in the sea

The sea was as cold as ice

That happiness is incomparable to anything else



The River

By: Matthew Aasen

It rushes forward like a highway in unstoppable motion

So much as a tip-toe could drag you in and run you over

In perfect pattern it stays consistent

even when the leaves from the trees defending it wither to dust

It will topple you onto your knees, put you in your place


Like a king standing over you with a guard and an axe

And it roars like a lion

With a blue mane

and liquid treasure, melted gold


Thr rivers mist is a magic spell, lifting you up with it

But you choose to look down

Once you peer into it and seek your hearts desire

All you will see us yourself

Gazing and yearning for more

Deep into your eyes


It gives no answers and tells no lies

Yet it’s always there in full glory

The king of the world

I don’t want to die!

By: Katie Novak


I wake up everyday

to come to this place

nine to four everyday

I come to learn

not to die

school is a jail cell

I don’t want to live

in fear every time I walk in

the fear of death

with a single shot

haunts me with every step

it’s like fear lives in the school

I come to learn

not to die