Only Myself

By: Visvajit Murali

I walked through the grass

Dragging my feet through the wet, soggy, brown mud

Feeling the pain grow

Grow larger than the sun

I sat down on the curb

Cried in my arms

Regretting everything I have done

Thinking about the END

I could feel the cold water dripping from my eyes

I shut my eyes tight

Tighter than a vise

I felt a knot forming in my neck

I felt cast out

Like the elephant in the room

No one cares

No one knows

No one…

Those thoughts consumed me

They held my brain hostage

Slowly and slowly I got deeper

Farther into my feelings

Thinking about what could have happened

What I shouldn’t have done

Living in the past

That is where I am


I can’t stand this


Hope & Dread

By: Lily Kang

Eyes eager

Eyes anxious

Hands clenched

Hands  trembling

Body restless

Body limp

I cannot wait

Voice feverish in excitement

Voice silent in fear

Faces bright like the sun on a summer morning

Faces withdrawn like a flower without sunlight

I can’t wait for the what’s to come

I’m not ready for what’s to come

What will the results be?

I am a caring teacher

I am a harsh mentor

My rewards are bountiful

My  realities are painful

I am a chance

I am a gamble

I can fulfill

I can destroy

Are we worth it?


Heart in the Snow

By: Bill Pek

I’m all alone

Don’t call my phone

Do I wanna cry?

No, I wanna say goodbye

Between you and I, this is do or die

Skies were grey, so you flew a kite

You reeled me in so I would bite

You brought me in and gave me comfort

After a while, you had me battered

You took my heart, and left it shattered

You let me go

My heart froze in the snow

You were like a flower

Beautiful to see bloom

But at the same time, horrible to see rot

Got me way too depressed to express how I feel

What’s your deal?

Is my pain your freedom?

Is it your heart’s content?

You were like a gift but became a curse

You killed me inside, and left me in a hearse

I drown in my tears

Every single year

You’re my biggest fear

As I sit by myself, the room sings

I wanna close my eyes and spread my wings

Because I feel none

I look towards the end

I can’t seem to forget the pain you seem to give, my friend

I know the time has come

I can’t feel anymore, I’m numb


A New World

By: Kristen Kotecki

Waking up every morning,

The same daily routine,

Some people are gloomy,

And some are living the dream,

I think now is the time,

Everyone far and wide,

Instead of always being the same,

Switch and up and do not hide,

Our world is becoming a lie,

Playing with emotions like toys,

Now instead of wanting barbies,

Girls are wanting boys,

Life is running away from us,

We are all losing our grip,

But what if today,

We all sailed a different ship,

We have to wake up from our daze,

We have people to amaze,

Life is a roller coaster,

We all rise and fall,

But when we have each other,

We will get through it all.


Ode to the Sun

By: Peter Dang


I look up to the skies

with my littles eyes

the Sun, its smile

with the heat as warm as a deep hug


As bright as the smartest minds

A producer to the consumer

Light into power

The Sun is the hope


of all who believe

and wish for true bliss, greatness, and purpose

It sleeps and wakes

as does an alarm clock


In an endless cycle

of inspiration

For honor and glory

Our pride


The feeling of peace and tranquility

shrouded in pleasant thoughts

Never blown out

like a candle flame

How wonderful you are

the Sun


by: Abby Montgomery


That’s it they are gone

Like leaf in the wind

The feeling of being punched cripples me

No way to relieve the pain

They are gone

Death stood by the door long enough and then finally took them away

The taste of bitter defeat

I am glass

I am broken

My one support is gone forever

I will try to glue myself back together

But one piece will always be missing like a hole in me

I can try to patch it up but it will never fit the same

They are gone, I am glass, there is no going back.

Ode to 3rd Block

By: Alison Gittelman


Otherwise known as


You lay out your picnics like an elegant buffet.

Giant bags of snacks reveal a hunger that cannot be satiated by

A nibble.

This is the devour hour.


The crunching


Pauses long enough for me to begin.

Then stop, as a chip bag is opened.


The noise rises, an approaching train

That cannot be stopped

I stand on the tracks.

We begin



And, like the calm after the storm

You listen and discuss and think and


I am a wave

You are surfers

Dipping and diving

Holding on

For the crash.

Then you pick up your boards and surf the next one.


When it’s over

And the sea is calm

And the train has left

I straighten the desks

And I know that, next year

I will be a surferless wave.

And I will stand on the tracks