Baseball Vs Soccer

By: Willem and Mason

I am a baseball player                                  I am a soccer player

I love playing sports

I hit a baseball                                                I kick a soccer ball

I love practicing this sport

Everyday I work hard to be better    Everyday I train to be faster and -stronger

I always want to get better

Playing baseball is the light of my day    Soccer is the air I breathe

Sports make us happy

Playing baseball is as fun as a kid on his birthday   Playing soccer is as- fun as a dog playing with a bone

This sport is fun

I can’t wake up without baseball        I can’t sleep without soccer

This sport is our life

Without baseball                                          Without soccer

I don’t have a life




Only Myself

By: Visvajit Murali

I walked through the grass

Dragging my feet through the wet, soggy, brown mud

Feeling the pain grow

Grow larger than the sun

I sat down on the curb

Cried in my arms

Regretting everything I have done

Thinking about the END

I could feel the cold water dripping from my eyes

I shut my eyes tight

Tighter than a vise

I felt a knot forming in my neck

I felt cast out

Like the elephant in the room

No one cares

No one knows

No one…

Those thoughts consumed me

They held my brain hostage

Slowly and slowly I got deeper

Farther into my feelings

Thinking about what could have happened

What I shouldn’t have done

Living in the past

That is where I am


I can’t stand this