By: Anchy Cho


Most people only see the darkness

And the silenced atmosphere of the night


They miss the beauty of the quiet murmurs

Murmurs of rustling leaves from majestic trees

Silhouetted against the silver bath of moonlight

Swaying from the gentle breeze

Like dancers waltzing to

A soft and peaceful lullaby


They don’t hear the faint call

Of a solitary owl

Or the sweet serenade

Of a lonely nightingale

These creatures of midnight

Singing their soothing berceuse

For us, for the moon, and for the night


Clouds fade in and out of sight

Concealing, then unveiling

The winks of distant stars

And the moon’s luminous glow

The night sky is painted

A deep, calm, inky blue

Like the surface of

A gorgeous lake

That blankets us in peace, quiet, and comfort


This is the beauty of the night

The whispering leaves, the silhouetted trees, the ballad of an isolated bird, the million twinkling stars, the vivid silver moon, the magical spirit