Day on the Beach

By: Keira Nguyen


Her eyes flutered open

Hands reaching over to turn off the alarm

She sits up in her bed yawning

Her legs swing over

Landing on the rough, white carpet

She walks over to the closet

Changing her outfit

Then walking out the door to her car

The car door slams shut behind her

As she drives off towards the beach,

Speeding by the millions of stores and buildings

When she arrives at her destination

Her tires screech under her,

Scraping against the cold, hard gravel

She gets out of the car

Walking slowly towards the beach

Feeling the warm sand on her feet

She sets her belongings down

Running towards the ocean

Soon jumping in as if it was drawing her in

Tasting the salty, cold water around her

Hours later she gets out,

The rough sand against her feet once again

Picking up her belongings,

Then walking towards her car

The drive home wasn’t long enough

As she entered the door

The stench of alcohol reaching her nose

Screams rang throughout the house

Until it became dead silent

3 thoughts on “Day on the Beach

  1. I like that you had a story to your poem and that the ending subverted expectations and added a darker twist.

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