An Angel Without Wings

By: Diya Parikh

She stretches her arms out,

Of this cage called world,

Staring up at the sky,

Knowing that she was meant to fly,

The stars peak out from the clear night sky,

They were a thousand diamonds to the little girls eye,

The cool nights breeze tickled her feet,

For she knew the spirits were dancing to a beat,

Her wings will grow,

Like the universe a long time ago,

For beautiful creatures cannot be confined,

Everything will be alright with a little time,

Once again she looked up at the night sky,

Like a kid does to apple pie,

As she tasted her cold, salty tears,

She hoped to not have to wait for years,

The girl wiped her eyes,

And was taken by surprise,

Her wings had grown back,

And was dancing in the sky

4 thoughts on “An Angel Without Wings

  1. Diya, your poem is a little bit confusing with the word choice you use, but it was very well written and had a lot of good detail and has many big words to make your poem. Furthermore, my favorite line was of this cage called world. It really made me understand what you were talking about in your poem.

  2. I really enjoyed the word choice and rhyme scheme. However, the poem can be a little hard to understand at times. My favorite like was, “For beautiful creatures cannot be confined.” It really helps send a message across to the reader.

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