Cold, Vile you,

You who ends lives at the age of sixteen,

All it takes is a sound,

Then Gone,


Selfish you,

Feeding off lives of youth,

Don’t open the doors,

You could turn around,

But you won’t,

And you don’t,


Rings of fear,

You who ignores warnings of dread,

You could stop,

End your fit now,

But you can’t,

You’re lost,

And you can’t be found,

Echos of warning rings through the halls,

And you break down all the walls,

You don’t care,

But I do,

I do care for the lives of which you choose,

Those helpless ages of life and youth,

You who declares them bootless,


Evil, horrible you,

You who terrorizes the terrorized,

You who walks in and ends all,

All it takes is a thought,

Then gone,


Selfish you,

Tearing down dreams of gold,

Don’t walk into that room,

Please turn around,

You’ll ruin your life,

You’ll ruin their life,

But you won’t,

And you don’t,


Rings of fear,


Run now I say!

There’s warning in the air!

Helpless child run!

And you,

You of fear,

You built to destroy,

You did this to yourself,

Please if your here,

Listen to me,

There’s so much life I see in you,

To destroy their life and dreams to,

Just to think that is a sin,

And you know that from within,


You have dreams,

You have life,

So why hurt in order to achieve?

Achieve what I say?

When all you will achieve is locked bars, and misery,


I will take a knee,

And beg you with my plea,


You of darkness and unholy wrong,

Please stop this now,

But instead you prolong,

All it took was a breath of air,

Then gone,

Empty, utter despair,


Malevolent you,

You who ignores my pleas,

You who ends lives of the innocent,

You who destroys hope,

You who thinks those awful thoughts,


Yes you

You could have been at peace,

You chose this path,

Don’t look back now,

All it took you was a second,

Then an innocent life ends,


You are cold,

Listen close before this ends,

Don’t turn into this thing,

This thing that feeds off darkness,

And misery,


Don’t hurt,



3 thoughts on “YOU

  1. This is beautifully written. The use of words like vile put the reader on edge because they are uncommon. I love this poem so much!

  2. Summer Grace, this poem gave me chills. The repetition shows your anger and fear, giving your poem a forceful tone that really hits home.

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