Ode to Captain America

By: Umar Luqman

I saw you

amazed by your might

Strength like a god

And as smart as Batman

When I first saw you

You were as thin as a stick

You were devoted and selfless

You would jump on a grenade for others

Then, like a magikarp, you went

from the weakest to the strongest

But you kept your honor

Gave yourself up to save all else

You lost everything

But then you got a new family

And we kept you

You stayed selfless and just

You kept the Avengers right

Even when it meant being outlaws

You stood up to Thanos

Like a kid standing up to a bully

You did whatever it took

You became as worthy as Thor

But to us you always were

You finally got your dance

And you passed the shield to Sam

We love you 3000

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