Middle School

By: Ryan DelVecchio

I stepped off the bus in a state of fear waiting for my friends to get off

I could see the mysterious building from where I was standing

My legs were shaking just like jello

My heart was beginning to race and beat faster and faster each second as I approached the frightening building

My hand had reached out and touched the greasy handlebar on the door

I swung open the door and took one step into the school

The scent smelled like spoiled food left in the refrigerator

If I had listened closely, I could hear the walls surrounding, laughing at me as I continued down the hallway

I felt terrified as I was enclosed by ginormous students

My friends and I had split and began to walk in opposite directions to our microscopic lockers

Our lockers were like small DNA strands in a cell

I quickly opened my locker and continued to my first block

I had caught sight of the smallest room in the distance and made my way over there

I sat down in the nearest seat and my heart beats began to weaken feeling relieved when the bell rang

2 thoughts on “Middle School

  1. Your poem used a variety of figurative language that allowed me to relive the first day of middle school. It was creative and strong!

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